Artificial Intelligence

The possibility that a computer or machine can be as intelligent as humans or maybe even more intelligent

Artificial Intelligence is a specific subfield of computer science. The research in this subfield aims to create a computer mind that can think like a human. A system which is able to learn by itself. The following five publications give you an overview of the topic Artificial Intelligence.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence & Associated Technologies by Jatin Borana

This paper allows a quick overview of artificial intelligence. At first, it explains what artificial intelligence is and then summarizes the current state of the technology artificial intelligence, plus short future prospects. The author of this article is Jatin Borana, he is a student at the Jodhpur National University. It is important to mention that he is no established expert.

The essay isn´t very detailed and accurate, but it hepls to get an overview. It is missing a whole lot of information and aspects, such as a full list of the applications of artificial intelligence. The text isn’t very technical and, as such, easy to understand. In conclusion, the paper is worth reading if you have no prior information about the topic, but you should not expect detailed information.

Read the paper (PDF)

World Economic Forum 2016 – The State of Artificial Intelligence

This video shows a panel of experts of artificial intelligence. The experts discuss the current state of artificial intelligence, its benefits and risks and give a short valuable insight into the future.

What makes this panel  interesting is the mix of the experts. Two of them – Stuart Russell and Andrew Moore – are leading artificial intelligence scientists, while the other two speakers – Matthew Grob and Ya-Qin Zhang – are business leaders. Their companies deal with products which are based on techniques that include artificial intelligence. This combination allows us to view this topic from different approaches. And, of course, it gives an insight of how to make money with artificial intelligence.

Watch the film

Research Priorities for Robust and Beneficial Artificial Intelligence by Stuart Russell, Daniel Dewey and Max Tegmark

This article deals with the research done in the subfield of artificial intelligence. On which aspects should scientists focus? What issues are they going to deal with? And, the key question, how to maximize the benefits of artificial intelligence while avoiding the potential risks?

The idea behind this publication is to outline a research agenda. The article is a great option to get a grasp about what future problems may came up when the quest for artificial intelligence continues. It also shows the many different areas of our lives which are affected by artificial intelligence.

The article was first published in the AI Magazine.

Read the article (PDF)

Human v2.0 – BBC Horizon

This is a documentary about what probably could be the ultimate goal of humanity – the eternal life. Scientific prophets like Ray Kurzweil and Hugo de Garis are talking about the possibility to download our minds to computers and so to extend our lives indefinitely. When the technical process is getting to that point, they create a new version of humanity – Human v2.0.

The film is basically a confrontation of scientists who think that changing the nature of what we are is a good thing and those scientists who have the opinion that artificial intelligence is a big threat for human beings. The documentary tells us how far we have come in reaching eternal life and also what is needed to reach the human 2.0.

The documentary came out back in 2006. Since then, there has been some technical progress which cannot be mentioned, but the discussed issues are still hot ones. This film tells us what we need to know about the future human beings, without being boring or too technical. In fact, the documentary is informative and entertaining at the same time.

Watch the film

Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach by Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig

Artificial Intelligence: A modern approach“ is a detailed textbook on artificial intelligence, which is used in over 1000 universities worldwide. This fact makes the book a very popular and important publication for everyone who’s dealing with artificial intelligence.

This textbook comes from two artificial intelligence experts. Stuart Russel is a professor of computer science at the University of California at Berkeley. Peter Norvig is the Director of Research at Google Inc.

The textbook is an excellent introduction, which covers most of the artificial intelligence topics. However, readers have to have a whole lot of time and interest for computer science .

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Reviews by Annabell Weber (MAMM0915)

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