„Es fällt einem leichter Aufmerksamkeit zu gewinnen“

9. Juni 2017 0

„Snapchat Marketing“ von Philipp Klinkner handelt von Snapchat Marketing für Unternehmen, Blogger und Co. und soll zeigen, wie man Snapchat für Werbezwecke nutzen kann. Es ist die erste Auflage von 2016 und als E-Book erhältlich.

Artificial Intelligence

29. August 2016 0

Artificial Intelligence is a specific subfield of computer science. The research in this subfield aims to create a computer mind that can think like a human. A system which is able to learn by itself. […]

Connected Cars on the Fast Track

29. August 2016 0

A technology with the ability to revolutionize the automotive industry, implicating the need for suppliers far beyond traditional car component suppliers. The following five publications give an insight into this topic. While the first publication serves […]

Smart Clothes: Textiles combined with Electronics

29. August 2016 0

Mobile patient monitoring, healthcare,  colour changing clothes or sportswear which measures pulse, analyses the sweat and evaluates how many calories are burned: Everything could be possible with smart clothes. The following five sources give an insight into […]

E-Health – The Digital Future of Healthcare

29. August 2016 0

New technologies make life easier. E-Health is also aiming to do so but it challenges and replaces several traditions. The following publications gain insight into the comprehensive topic.