E-Health – The Digital Future of Healthcare

New technologies make life easier. E-Health is also aiming to do so but it challenges and replaces several traditions. The following publications gain insight into the comprehensive topic. 

„The Story of Digital Health“

The short movie „The Story of Digital Health“ illustrates the possibilities of digital health. The movie was created in 2013 by Paul Sonnier, a digital health social entrepreneur, keynote speaker and executive management strategy consultant.

The movie is divided into two parts. In the beginning, it describes in a short way the process of digitalisation based on cars. The second part is a comparison between the digital car instruments of today and healthcare. Therefore, the movie explains the background of digital health in a detailed and simple way. It describes the aspects the new technologies of digital health combine. Moreover, it helps to reduce inefficiencies in healthcare and describes how to keep our personal health in our hands.

This movie is recommended for people with basic healthcare knowledge who are interested in new technologies. It is also a good resource to recognize the new digital evolution. With a length of six minutes, the movie has a good length for watching.

„E-Health Blog: Digitalisierung der Medizin“

E-Health, Digital Health, Health 2.0, telemedicine, wearables – main topics of the health care system’s digitalization. The „E-Health Blog: Digitalisierung der Medizin“ informs about these topics in articles and short movies. New developments and products of E-Health as well as the latest version of E-Health applications in Germany are the relevant and discussed topics. In addition, the blog also aims to illustrate the potential of E-Health in Germany.

As a result, the blog takes up the question of how society and particularly the health care system have already changed due to new technologies. It also provides an outlook into the future.

The different articles of the blog are written in an easy and objectiv way. Therefore simple structure and inclusion of short issue-specific movies help and support non-experts getting basic information about this comprehensive topic. For this reason, this publication serves as a good rough overview of E-Health.

„E-Health als Gestalter der Gesundheit von morgen“

Telemedicine, electronic health card – E-Health is on its way. The article „E-Health als Gestalter der Gesundheit von morgen“ from the issue of the health barometer 01/2015 (p.4) deals with the potential of E-Health. With the progressive digitization in the healthcare sector, health services become more and more important.

According to the authors, Prof. Dr. Volker Penter and Kevin Pfaffner, E-Health enjoys priority when it comes to innovations in the healthcare industry and will serve as a guide in the future. The authors also characterize E-Health as the future of the health care system because of the new technologies. Besides political initiatives in terms of the electronic health card, social trends as wearables also act as success factors for E-Health.

In conclusion, the article describes the positive aspects of E-Health. Issues such as data protection are not taken up, so that some unresolved questions remain. However, the article is recommended both to experts and non-experts. In an authorial and objective way, the authors provide a comprehensive overview of the current and future digital development in healthcare.

Deloitte-Paper: „Perspektive E-Health – Consumer Lösungen als Schlüssel zum Erfolg?“

More and more trainings and fitness apps together with wearables are entering the market. The Deloitte-Paper „Perspektive E-Health – Consumer Lösungen als Schlüssel zum Erfolg?“ from 2014 investigates the E-Health market development. The current trend for digitalization is described as „bottom-up“. At least, E-Health offerings such as online health platforms, fitness apps, fitness hours or fitness data monitoring become more and more successful in case of gaining credence all over the world. The paper gives an overview of how the E-Health market will make it more simple and more efficient for all parties.

Readers might get a very positive view of the future, although data security or protection of privacy are not discussed. In fact, the big question is if this is indeed the future of the healthcare sector. The paper is written in a detailed and objectiv way. Definitely, this study is recommended to specialists as well as to non-technicals.

„e-Health“ by Karl Jähn and Eckhard Nagel

The book „e-Health“, written by Karl Jähn and Eckhard Nagel in 2004, combines all trends, developments, chances and risks of the rapidly growing special health care services, called „E-Health“. This book is a description of various aspects which result from the combination of information and communication technologies within the health care services. Moreover, this book highlights behavioural changes between doctors and their patients due to these new circumstances. By that, E-Health is more than an electronical health passport, e-receipt or e-patient file.

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By making use of case studies, the authors provide insights into the daily worklife and point out the basics in an understandable and consolidated way. Therefore, it does not only make it easier to understand these complex topics for readers, but also shows possibilities of today and of the future.

For that reason, this book is a must for experts and non-experts. Nevertheless, the book is probably not suited for reading in one sitting due to the variety of topics. Overall, this book provides a great overview of the extensive topic E-Health and serves as a basis for future research.

The book is available on Amazon.de.

Reviews by Carmen Flösch (MAMM0915)

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